Invasion on Chestnut Ridge DVD


In Southwestern Pennsylvania lies an expansive mountain range called the Chestnut Ridge. Though a home for unusual activity since the 1800s, the area has been largely overlooked… until now! From Small Town Monsters and director, Seth Breedlove (Minerva Monster, The Mothman of Point Pleasant) comes this eerie examination of a 72 mile window into the bizarre. Featuring accounts of hair-covered man-apes, monstrously large birds, upright-walking canine creatures, mysterious lights in the forest and unidentified flying objects that wreak havoc on the local populace, Invasion on Chestnut Ridge is “a cocktail of weirdness”.

This film takes you into the heart of one of the great “mystery areas” in the world. Beginning with the Kecksburg UFO Incident of 1965 and ending in present day, this is the ultimate guidebook to Pennsylvania’s hidden history!

Features a making-of documentary: Invading the Chestnut Ridge

Film Runtime: 61 minutes
Special features: 18 minutes